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Feet on grassI’ve been looking into a strange phenomenon recently that promises to become a health revolution. Actually, it’s not so much of a cure, as a correction for a problem caused by modern living, in that over the last hundred or so years we have insulated ourselves from the planet we live on with tarmac roads, rubber-soled shoes, carpeted houses and so on.

But is that a problem? Well, the answer is that it seems to be, because there is very strong evidence that biological beings benefit from being grounded to the planet, and suffer when disconnected. I have performed experiments myself to test this, as witnessed in the photograph below, which was taken seven days after planting two identical pansies, giving each 60ml of water each day. The only difference was that using a copper wire I connected the soil in the flowerpot on the left to the earth pin on a mains plug (via a 1 mega-ohm resistor for additional safety BTW).

Note: In the UK the electricity companies provide a good earth to every house, so this is a safe and reliable thing to do. However, this is not the case in all countries, so the best alternative when unsure is to simply run a wire out of the window, attach it to an iron, steel or copper rod and bury it in the earth. The end result is the same.

Left: A grounded plant; Right: This plant is ungrounded

In modern life there are all sorts of electromagnetic radiation vibrating through our bodies, from mains hum, to computer chip interference, light bulbs, television, to cordless and mobile phones. And it seems that these can interfere with biological life just enough to slow it down.

Serious athletes are getting grounded

In people, this can result in mysterious aches and pains, slow healing of wounds, difficulty sleeping and more. Don’t believe me? Even Tour de France cycling teams earth themselves to gain extra energy and heal their muscles (and minor injuries) over night. If international athletes take grounding seriously, maybe we all should.

Anyway, I have discovered that the health benefits are so far-reaching that I want to do my part in spreading the message. For example, long-time readers of my blog will know that I have had weight-issues for some years, which I am finally overcoming. As part of this I have also had hypertension. Fortunately my low carb diet has brought this down, but not enough for my liking. So imagine my amazement when I started to ground myself using an electronic technician’s grounding mat under my keyboard and mouse at work, and found that my daily blood pressure readings had dropped from an average 135/85 down to 115/75. That’s a huge drop for both systolic and diastolic pressures.

Why does this happen? Well, nobody is sure yet, because not much research has been made. However, when the blood of someone who has been ungrounded for a while is taken, and then compared under a microscope with another sample from after about an hour of being grounded, you can see a serious difference. The grounded blood cells are unclumped and disperse, making them freer flowing. Speculation is that the negatively charged earth supplies free electrons to our bodies which we can then make use of.

Left: Blood from ungrounded volunteers; Right: After grounding for an hour.

Reconnecting with the planet

But there may be more to it than that, because the earth has a magnetic field that changes minute to minute, hour to hour, season to season, year to year, and even over the time-span of centuries and more. When things are grounded to the planet they become in sync (or perhaps in tune) with it, which may lead to a greater harmony with all other living things. Yes, it sounds a bit ‘hippy’ but the concept of grounding is so new a lot is still speculation right now. The scientific studies are beginning to get underway, and more theories will emerge as we grow our understanding.

I am so intrigued by this phenomena, that I have also invested in a cotton sheet embedded with fine silver strands so that I can stay grounded overnight. Guess what, by the way? Instead of waking up at around 7am, I’m now finding myself fully awake and refreshed anytime after 4am. I can’t even make myself go back to sleep as I’m not tired anymore, so I get up and have a few extra productive hours in my day. What’s more I’m no-longer confused and grumpy until I’ve had my first coffee ; )

If you find this concept intriguing I hope you’ll join me, and even try some experiments for yourself, which I’d love to hear about, or maybe you can even guest blog with me. You can contact me using the panel over on the right-hand side.

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